Yacht42 is a local leader in luxury yachting activities, specialising in marketing, management, and renting of the final yachts activities.
First founded in 2010 our name has become synonymous with expertise, knowledge, design, service excellence and effortless performance.
The company’s team of dedicated charter brokers, charter marketing agents, yacht managers, marketing specialists and staff all share a genuine passion for being at sea and collectively possess a range of experience and knowledge far beyond anyone else in the industry.

The unrivalled staff experience in all service areas ensure that yacht 42 can offer a complete service, accessing the best in the industry and giving its customers tailored advice and support, whatever their requirements.

Yacht42 is the ultimate choice for your different events, partying, entertaining or simply training your family and friends to the very best that life can offer. With a promise of an excess luxury, comfort, style and service. The yacht has a unique character and identity. Welcoming over 150 guests – with crew members to match this majestic vessels glide in luxurious seclusion from port to anchorage.